Thursday, December 29, 2005

BGR - Other Objectives

During the next six months, or so, I'll post progress updates against certain objectives and race times. As noted previously my healthy weight of 173 lbs needed reducing and I have target of 155 lbs. Progress has been good, on 29 Dec after 'Christmas excess', I weigh 161 lbs. I hope to be at or very close to my target weight by the weekend of the Winter Hill Race (12 Feb).

At the start of November I increased my weekly mileage, aiming for 50-60 in order to average over 50 miles per week each month. From an average around 30 miles a week, November averaged 52 and December also averaged 52 to date (29 Dec). Although I will be happy to maintain this mileage through the winter I will also look to make some of the miles harder by using routes with more climbing.

I am also happy to listen to advice on mileage and other training suggestions.


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