Monday, December 26, 2005

BGR - Plan

Direction, start time and date all need sorting - the schedule isn't really a problem because I'll be happy to work off a 23 hour schedule to get round in under 24. A morning start, almost from the beginning, seemed more attractive because it offers the possibility of (most of) a night's sleep before setting off rather than spending all day waiting to go.

So an 08:00 start for an anti-clockwise circuit looks best and now just the date. Not too late because the days are hotter, the bracken is higher and it may preclude a second attempt the same summer. May is full of long events - LDWA (marshalls) 100, The Fellsman and the Old County Tops as well as Bank Holidays and while early June looks good (soon after these events) Duddon Valley is the first weekend, Ennerdale the second and the Tour of Horwich & Rivington finishes on the third weekend - so that makes the fourth weekend favourite and the 24th June is "penciled in".

The FRA calendar arrives on 22 December and confirms there are no long races on 24th June - 24th June it is.

Need to give some thought to food & drink and a Support Team


Anonymous Peter H said...

Only problem is that you have a night to look forward to when you are already quite tired. we are going for a 7pm start so we can have a dark stretch when still feeling OK (we are going clockwise so this will be Threlkeld to Dunmail) and it means when you finish your supporters, and us if we are still on our feet, have still got time to go to the pub!

Fri Feb 10, 08:59:00 AM GMT  
Blogger F S Shuffler said...

I know about tackling the night section late but, apart from getting to the pub (which I recognise could be difficult at 07:00), experience on other events (like The Fellsman) suggests my body-clock likes an early start rather than waiting about, all day, for the start.

Thanks for your interest and good luck for your 19:00 start.

Fri Feb 10, 12:20:00 PM GMT  

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