Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday 20th January

A long hard week was planned and a long hard week it was. Not quite as long as it might have been had it not been for some wise words of caution from Norman who pointed out that a key requirement of a successful BGR was arriving at the start line injury-free and "raring to go" and that 80 mile weeks, this early, might not be the way to do it.

Saturday's 21 miles over Darwen Moor went well and Sunday's 25 miles round the "Two Crosses" also went well. Pauline and I did Sunday together at a steady trot (for me) and somewhat faster for Pauline. So much so that we were more than 30 minutes faster than in 2005 and she was, rightly, very pleased.

I cut Monday's miles to 4 and did the rest as originally planned to give a total of 77.3 with almost 8200 feet of climbing which is still probably not enough climbing. Managed to shed 0.8 lb to get my weight to 160 lbs, a total loss of almost 12 lbs.

Next Week
After two hard weeks I am looking forward to an easy week because we are going to Glasgow to see my parents as my Father celebrated his 80th birthday recently. We should get out for a run on Sunday morning but it won't be a 20 mile fell run. With the weekday miles as normal for the rest of the week I should get about 40-45 miles done. I have also developed a new 12 mile route through Horwich involving both New Chapel Lane and Foxholes to increase the week's climbing.

I thought I had considered everything when I was working out the best date until Alan Sweatman asked what the moon phase would be on 24th because, of course, a full moon (with a clear sky) might mean torches wouldn't be required. In fact, 25th June will see a new moon so even with a clear night there isn't going to be a lot of moonlight. The nearest full moons co-incide with either the Ennerdale or Wasdale so neither of these weekends would be ideal, so still the 24th

Support Team
Since last week Alan Sweatman, Mark Davies (whose own BGR is planned for 17th June), Paul Murray, Steve Barlow, Colin Rigby, Rachel Metcalfe, Alastair Murray and Karen Smout (all HRMI) have offered to help - thanks all.

I am beginning to understand the depth of wisdom in the observation that BGR training is easy - it is the logistics that are hard.


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