Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday 6th January

This is the first weekly update that will summarise my training for the previous week and anticipate next week's plans. My training week starts on Saturday so that (after a rest day on Friday) I am fresh for a long run (or race) on a Saturday. Usually we go to the Lakes on a Sunday to walk or run and from now on it will be to recce the route - Sunday's miles are not part of my training plan and 'walking miles' are normally excluded from the week's total.

This has been an easy week with a few days walking in the Lakes over New Year and so I have only run Tuesday to Thursday with a total of 26 miles. This week's average weight of 162.5 lbs is about a pound heavier than last week and a total loss of 9.2 lbs.

Next week is back to a 'standard' week. -

Saturday 18 miles over Winter Hill
Sunday walk or run in Lakes
Monday 12 miles - road
Tuesday 6 miles - road & track session
Wednesday 12 miles - road
Thursday 6 miles - hill session
Friday Rest Day


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