Thursday, February 09, 2006

BGR - Schedule

I've been trying, not altogether successfully, to paste, import or create a table to show my detailed schedule but it seems impossible without editing the html code directly. That in itself isn't a huge problem but it is time consuming so here is a summary, until I can get to grips with a table for the whole thing.

Moot Hall - dep 08:00 daylight
Honister - arr 10:11
Honister - dep 10:16
Wasdale - arr 14:08
Wasdale - dep 14:18
Dumail - arr 20:23
Dumail - dep 20:33 daylight
Threkeld - arr 02:16 dark
Threkeld - dep 02:36 dark
Moot Hall - arr 06:59 daylight

On schedule it will be dark from Dollywagon Pike to Blencathra and with almost no moon even on a clear night it is unlikely to be bright enough to manage without torches. The schedule is weighted to allow for a slower pace towards the end, particularly on the last leg over the Northern Fells.


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