Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday 10th February

Cold clear nights this week on Winter Hill have been invigorating, none more so than last night when the hill session went up to the mast. Running back down, overlooking the Lancashire Plain, with all the lights and traffic below is a powerful reminder of how good it is to escape it all, however briefly. More significantly this has been another week injury free and on target for mileage. I am still losing weight and although this was the weekend I had targeted to hit 11st (155lb) I was 157lb this morning so I am slightly disappointed about that. Running hard up the climbs on Saturday morning transformed the session so that a comfomfortable 19 miles became a hard 19 miles and I was glad I was only walking on the Sunday - my legs were so heavy. The rest of the week went well although the motorway traffic meant I missed the track session on Tuesday - I did manage a road session in the pouring rain, instead, and on Wednesday took a couple of minutes off my best time for my 12 mile loop through Horwich so things are still going well, "touch wood" (scratch head at this point).

Last Week
Miles: 55.5 Feet of climbing: 7300 Weight: 158.2 Loss: 1.2lb

Next Week
This is the first really hard weekend of the year. Anglezark Amble on Saturday (24 miles, 4000 ft) with Winter Hill race on Sunday (11 miles, 2700 ft) - so a reet good Winter Hill Weekend! I hoping for better weather than last year when a strong cold wind blew all of Saturday and a brief blizzard blessed Winter Hill on Sunday.

Winter Hill Weekend 2005
Anglezarke Amble - 05:04
Winter Hill Fell Race - 02:35

Support Team
Since last week Keith Foster (W&NL LDWA), Doug Fleming and Mary White (both HRMI) have offered to help on the 24th, thanks.


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