Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday 24th Feb

Last Saturday's run (Leg 5) over Blencathra, Great Calva and Skiddaw was inspiring. A few inches of dry, crisp snow on the first and the last summits, two snow covered descents and warm sunshine. The size of the hills makes a staggering difference - the 4 hours and a few minutes that were needed to get round the 24 mile Anglezark Amble a week ago were required for this 13.5 mile circuit. Skiddaw summit was littered with "half-term tourists" in full winter kit (as advised by National Park weather line) - I am not knocking them, they got out their cars, out the car park and made it to the summit but the conditions didn't require anything like full winter kit. Sunday saw Pauline and I tackle the LDWA 'Beacon Bash' for the third time with at least as many route finding difficulties as the previous occassions - even running with someone else so that we had a marked map and instructions to hand! Anyway it was another 21 miles 'in the legs' and the rest of the week was as normal.

Last Week
Miles: 74 Feet of climb: 11032 Weight: 156.8 lbs Loss: 1 lb

Next Week
Long run in the Lakes on Saturday, recce of first leg of the Jos Naylor Challenge with Ray Stafford in preparation for his attempt later in the year. On Sunday we walking in the Howgills and so after two consecutive weeks of around 70 miles, next week will be a somewhat easier 55 ish and my legs are looking forward to it.

70 mile weeks still seem pretty tough, especially when they include a hard day in the Lakes but my enthusiasm remains high and apart from niggling ligament problem in my left ankle I am injury-free. This 'injury' is almost a year old and comes and goes with rough terrain - last week it was worse than usual until I went over on it, in a hole in the road, last night. This mornign it is better than it has been for weeks. I am looking forward to light nights and getting off the roads in daylight after work.


Anonymous Bob Wightman said...


If you need any help in pacing or being a mule I'd be happy to help. I did the BG last year at my third attempt. I also helped John Fleetwood with his winter round just before christmas.

Wed Mar 01, 10:40:00 AM GMT  
Blogger F S Shuffler said...

Hi Bob

Sent you an email from your website - please let me know if you don't receive it.

Thanks again


Wed Mar 01, 04:37:00 PM GMT  
Blogger F S Shuffler said...

Hi Bob

Email came back to me - if you add it in another comment, I'll email you and delete the comment with your address


Wed Mar 01, 05:22:00 PM GMT  

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