Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday 3 February

This has been the coldest, hardest week of the winter, despite the lack of frost. Hardest because, for the first time, on a Saturday morning I made each of the climbs an 'effort', climbing as fast as I was able and then doing the same again on Sunday going round "That's Lyth" from the first checkpoint. By Sunday night my legs were tired and by Wednesday night I decided to revert to the nearly flat circuit through Lostock. Last night, Chorley Road was hard work although my time for the final rep of 5:10 was only 1 second slower than my best time. It does feel that 70 -75 miles is pretty close to my comfortable weekly limit although there is probably not quite enough climbing there, yet.

Last Week
Miles: 75 Feet of Climbing: 8300 Weight: 159.5 lbs Weight Loss 0.5 lbs

Next Week
An easier week aiming for 55 - 60 miles with an easy walk on Sunday. This should ensure recovery from last week in preparation for a hard weekend on 11/12 but more of that later. I'll try to continue with 'fast' climbs on Saturday and aim to get round the "New Chapel / Foxholes" circuit on both Monday and Wednesday.

Support Team
Continues to grow and the enthusiasm within the club is fantastic, thanks everyone. Since last week Cyril Williams & Philippa O'Callaghan (Merseystride LDWA) and Rob Green, Sue & Doug Hayes and Barry Allman (all HRMI) have offered to help.

I have just about finalised my schedule and if I can work out a way to publish the file here I'll do so. If I can't I'll publish it on another site and add a link to it from here. i have reduced the road stops to shortest I think I can manage but I would appreciate your thoughts on the schedule in general and the length of the road stops, in particular.


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