Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Winter Hill Weekend 2006

This would be the first serious test of my winter training program with a long run on Saturday and a tough race on Sunday. The weather, of course, is going to play its part just as it did last year. Saturday was cool, clear and bright with very little wind - unlike last year when the cold strong wind was a constant companion.

Anglezark Amble - 2005 5:04; 2006 4:03. 61 minutes faster

Sunday's weather was pretty dreadful, worse even than last year, with a constant wind to produce driving rain that was always a hindrance in the low cloud that did nothing to aid route finding.

Winter Hill Fell Race - 2005 2:35:00; 2006 2:29:56. 5 minutes faster and 3 minutes faster than previous best time.

Conditions on Saturday were better than last year when, I am sure I held back to 'save a bit' for Sunday whereas this year I ran harder and pushed on to try to take an hour off last year's time. On Sunday I was looking to take 10 minutes off last year's time and I could be persuaded that the awful conditions and the slightly longer course were worth the other 5 minutes I was looking for.

I am encouraged by these times even if I would have liked 2:25 on Sunday the improvement on Saturday was way beyond what I anticipated might be possible, particularly when I ran more than half the distance on my own with no one to chase.


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