Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday 17th March

After the Haworth Hobble the weather and tired legs reduced Sunday to a pretty gentle 4 miles in the snow and while Monday's effort (in driving rain and sleet) of 8 miles was a little better it was a sluggish start to the rest of the week. By Tuesday things were getting back to 'normal and the rest of the week went well, apart from my weight. After touching my target of of 155 lbs at an average of 155.2 lbs I gained 1lb to reach 156.3 this week. First time since last November that I have failed to lose any weight. Must have stopped concentrating, having got so close.

Last Week
Miles: 68 Feet: 9000 Weight: 156.3 Gain: 1.1

Next Week
After the excitement of Haworth Moors it is back to Winter Hill tomorrow and then a walk in south Cumbria on Sunday so this should be a fairly easy week. Last week I ended up short of about 1000 ft so I'll have another look at Monday & Wednsday routes to see if I can get a bit more climbing in.

Food on the day
Maxim Original (flavourless) seems to offer the best way of creating a variety of carb drinks because it enables you to use your favourite flavours. I'll be using it from now on just make sure I can stomach it, literally. I should be able to get about two-thirds of my carb requirements this way so that eating at road crossings is minimised and so that hunger pangs between road crossings are avoided.

Support Team
Getting organised with runners settling on their preferred legs, as it were. Night section is covered - thanks to Paul Murray, Brendan Bolland and Mary White. Other legs are filling up and I and greatly encouraged by the interest and enthusiasm in the club - thanks everyone. And I will lose weight next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best traning you can do for a BGR is lond distance walks & plenty of time on your feet. 3 w/e, either in the Lakes, Wales or Scotlad with between 10 to 12 hrs walking, say 3 to 4,000 m climbing will stand you in good stead.

Thu Mar 23, 12:33:00 PM GMT  

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