Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday 24th March

Has been a fairly easy week but it hasn't really felt like it. Track and hill rep times were good so it is not that I am experiencing a measured drop in performance but the winter does seem to be 'dragging on' and the start of Summer Time, running in the daylight during the week and milder temperatures without freezing cold hands will be very welcome. Saturday's run out over Winter Hill was followed, on Sunday, by a 22 mile walk in south Cumbria that included another 3265 feet of climbing. The rest of the week was my usual 12s on Monday & Wednesday with a track session on Tuesday and a hill session last night. After last week's aberation I get back to losing weight.

Last Week
Miles: 58 Feet: 11265 (inc Sunday) Weight: 154.6 lb Loss: 1.7lb

Next Week
The Lakes on Saturday to have a look at part of the Wasdale to Dunmail Rise leg with some support runners, long run over Winter Hill with Pauline on Sunday and then the rest of the week as usual.

John Fleetwood
I still think a summer Bob Graham is a fairly daunting prospect and I thought John's Winter Bob Graham (17 Dec 2005) was pretty impressive but he then went on to a 19 Munro (unsupported) Glen Sheil Round (Feb 2006) and a Winter Ramsay Round (5-7 March 2006). If you are at all interested look at the link and don't miss the photographs 'Fleetwood's Long Distance Challenges'


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