Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday 31st March

The first week of Spring began, albeit the day before the clocks changed, with a hard run up out of Mardale over High Street and down over Kentmere Pike - not a great distance but with deep slushy snow everywhere the ground wasn't frozen it was a hard outing. Day after changing the clocks, Pauline and I went out over Winter Hill through Belmont and over Great Hill back to Rivington for another 18 miles. Monday & Wednesday, because now there is enough daylight, I went to Winter Hill trig point and from home (meeting Mark Davies & Ed Swift near the summit on Monday). Tuesday's traffic was so slow I couldn't get to the track so a quick road session had to suffice and the week finished with a 'traditional HRMI hill session' - up Foxholes, down Factory Lane and again for 45 minutes and my legs still ache.

Last Week
Miles: 70 Feet: 11900 Weight: 154.6 lbs Weight Loss 0.2 lbs

Next Week
Saturday in the Lakes, Sunday Blubberhouses Moor 25 - 25 mile LDWA event with Pauline that we have entered as 'runners' - until now we have always entered as 'walkers' and avoided the delayed 'runners' start but Pauline is emerging from her 'denial' period, having entered a couple of road races (of which more, later - keep watching). This week will mark the end of my winter training with a couple of easier weeks coming up and then a sucession of long races through May and June for next phase.

Last Six Months
6 months ago I weighed 173 lbs and this morning tipped the scales at 153 lbs.
6 months ago I ran/walked about 170 miles a month and this month I managed 308 miles.
6 months ago I climbed about 32000 feet a month and this month I managed just over 46000 feet.

I couldn't have done this all on my own so thanks to Pauline, in particluar, and to everyone else I have run (and walked) with over the last 6 months - I really appreciate all the encouragement, enthusiasm and advice I have had from you all and, Norman M, your advice has been especially invaluable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog with interest as I also have a desire to attempt the BG this year, but may find it being postponed due to work location changes. I am curious why you are so concerned about your weight? Do you think that it will be a major contribution to your success? The other two being weekly distance and ascent. Obviously if you step up your training then your weight may fall to a level dictated by the training but it semms one of your prerequisites to be successful.
I'm just wondering.

Sun Apr 02, 12:08:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger F S Shuffler said...

It is not so much that it is a pre-requisit but less weight is easier to get up hills, obviously.

It was also a target set at the beginning and prgress could be measured from the outset - it may also have been a 'control' or 'commitment' issue. Much of a BG is in your head and if you can't do "something simple" (that demands some sacrifices but also offers benefits) how are you going to get round a BG?

Have a look at

Sun Apr 02, 06:37:00 PM GMT+1  
Blogger F S Shuffler said...

In case the full link doesn't work try

and look for "Weight % Factor" on the left hand side.

Sun Apr 02, 06:40:00 PM GMT+1  

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