Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday 3rd March

An easy week (in terms of miles) was planned and an easy it was, in fact with a late finish at work on Monday it turned out even easier than planned. Since that is the first session I have missed for many months I don't feel too bad about it. Saturdays' recce of the Joss Naylor Challange, first leg, was pretty spectacular running on snow and ice south towards High Street with all the high fells and pennines covered in snow. Fortunately, the wind was behind when we were on ridge and after we dropped into Martindale (and turned into the wind) we were sheltered by the surrounding hills. Sunday was a walk in the Howgills, about 19 miles (not included in my weekly total) with over 5000 feet of climbing - not altogether a rest day.

Last Week
Miles: 46 Feet of climbing: 7628 (+5200) =12828 Weight: 156.2 lb Weight Loss 0.6 lb

Next Week
Saturday will be a long run in the Far Eastern fells with other Horwich runners and on Sunday Pauline and I are going to run an 'extended Anniversary Waltz' to have a look at the climbs on the Keswick to Honister leg for something like a 60 mile week with plenty of climbing.

February produced a weekly average of 61.1 miles for 4 weeks, weekly climb of 8935 feet. My left ankle has returned to its former status of 'slight niggle' and so, by and large, that is another month still "injury free and enthusiastic". I also have been able to arrange for 4 of the 5 navigators and I hope the 5 will 'emerge' in the next couple of weeks and individual runners are slotting into specific legs. Thanks for all the advice,encouragement and offers of help at training sessions, comments here and from the FRA Forum
My nutrition plans need a bit more work and they should be finalised by the end of March.


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