Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday 14th April

An easy week, at least in terms of miles, but with plenty of climbing particularly during last weekend in Galloway. Weather turned out much better than we could have hoped - well, perhaps, apart from the strong wind whipping up the snow and ice as we walked down the Rhins of Kells. Having been battered off the ridge last year this was a huge improvement. Sunday was just as good although, perhaps, the wind dropped a little. On both days the Southern Highlands and Arran were clearly visible - both with heavy coverings of snow. Monday I should have started to make up the miles but my first Swoops came back from Lancashire Sports Repairs, newly fitted with their studs so I had to try them and they are much better than the original sole. Swoops are, probably, a little heavy and not quite as stable as Walshes and with their original sole don't grip as well but they do offer a degree of cushioning which matters, to me, on long outings. The rest of the week was pretty standard until today when Pauline and I went to Caldervale for the 10 mile road race. Pauline finished just inside her target of 90 minutes and is very pleased with her first ever race and I finished in 70:25 with which I am pleased. Ready now for Scafell Pike tomorrow morning and Rivington Pike in the afternoon.

Last Week
Miles: 45.5 (+23 walked) Feet: 4900 (+7200 walked) 12100 in total

Next Week
After "The Pikes" tomorrow we are off to New York for a few days and so although I anticipate a few miles through Central Park it will really be a rest and I'll be really looking forward to running in the Lakes when we get back.


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