Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday 28th April

Saturday with Colin Jones & Steve Barlow over High Street was hard - hard in that the pace was faster than I can comfortably run along with several thousand feet of climbing thrown in as well. I added to the discomfort by going over on my left ankle a couple of times. This is becoming an all too frequent occurance, usually when it has just about healed from the last time I do it again. It is never bad enough to stop me running but it does make me leary when descending. My foot placement is probably not great - I tend to run slightly hen-footed and don't try to counter the resulting tendancy of my foot to roll by placing my big toe firmly on the ground while keeping my left foot turned out.. That is all I have to remember when descending rough ground (thanks Norman). I am also going to try strapping the ankle because I really don't want it to get any worse. Sunday's long run with Pauline was a struggle for us both and it must have been due to the last lingering effects of travelling back from New York. The rest of the week went well and Wednesday morning I managed 4 miles before porridge as well as 13.5 miles in the evening for my first twice in a day session. I thought about going out again on Friday morning but decided to save whatever is left in my legs (not much) for the weekend.

Last Week
Mileage: 80.5 Feet: 13500

Next Week
This is the first of a number of 'big weekends' over the next few weeks. We are off to Northumberland for the LDWA (Marshals') 100. When we first heard of it we thought it was just a name and didn't realise it had anything at all to do with the distance! This year it is just under 102 miles of continuous running/walking with about 14,500 feet of climbing. The plan is to do the first day at a little under a BGR pace, walk through the night and then see what the morning brings. The plan is to finish in under 36 hours, aiming for something close to 33 hours but we shall have to see. The rest of the week is going to be about finding out quickly I can recover.


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