Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday 12th May

After last week's rest, this week has back to something like normal. 24 miles over and around Winter Hill on Saturday morning before going over to Belmont to watch the Belmont Winter Hill race and about 17 miles on Sunday over Helvellyn with about 11,000 feet of climbing between them. I hadn't quite recovered from last week because my legs were very tired at the end of Saturday and heavy on Sunday. Monday was just an easy leg stretching 4 miles and the M60 prevented me getting to the track session. A fairly good hill session last night suggests recovery is complete, ready for next week. I ddin't manage any pre-porridge runs - I just wasn't up tp it, perhaps next week.

Last Week
75.3 miles 14,450 feet

Next Week
Leg 5 on Saturday with John Swift so that he can check his compass bearings and I can have another look at the last 3 climbs. Leg 4 on Sunday so that I can have another look at the climbs and the direct descent from Fairfield that I couldn't find (didn't even look for) in the clag. Rest of the week as normal with a couple of morning runs to keep the miles up.

Until a week or so ago I was perfectly happy with my published 23 hour schedule but since then I have been encouraged to consider something more challanging. Determining what is a realistic schedule (in good conditions) is difficult so I sought the advice of Paul Murray, a vastly experienced ultra distance fell runner. The main points of his advice are to remember the key objective is to finish in under 24 hours and you need to make the schedule your 'friend' because otherwise it becomes your 'enemy'. In other words, it is easier to run 21 hours off a 22 hour schedule than it is off 20 hour schedule because you will be ahead of the 22 hour schedule (and relaxed about it) whereas you would be chasing the 20 hour schedule all the way, and not catching it. On that basis, I am going with a (revised) schedule of 22 hours and aiming to get close to 21 hours. The potential flaw with this approach is the danger of arriving at road crossings so far ahead of the schedule that the support team is not ready. Only the last and second last crossings really present a problem, in this respect, and so we will have to ensure support runners are advised durign the day of actual progress.

I'll publish a revised schedule over the weeked - watch this space.


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