Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday 26th May

Old County Tops
Proved more of a trial than we would have liked. Initial doubts about Kev's fitness we overwhelmed by the after-effects of a serious leg infection and the subsequent antibiotics used to treat it. By Helvellyn we were 15 minutes down on last year's time and at Angle Tarn 31 minutes down. I then made a spectacular route finding error involving Esk Pike rather than Esk Hause (is there a pattern here, I have to ask myself?) and although the error was recoverable we made the decision we should have made at Angle Tarn and retired. As a training run, despite the poor conditions that forced another 11 teams to retire, it was a worthwhile outing with almost 24 miles and 7500 feet of climbing.

Our pace was slow and on Sunday I ran a PB on an 8 mile training route and so while I am disappointed about the OCT I am happy with my fitness despite, on Saturday, breaking a toe nail (still attached and taped in place); injuring a joint in my left foot with my ankle strap (almost recovered) and getting water into my Polar 625X watch. It has been a disappointing bit of kit - watch has been returned to Polar once, the transmitter belt twice and I still usually get straight lines on the trace, the altimeter doesn't record properly, it is no longer waterproof and struggles to download to the PC.

Manchester 10K
One to watch for me as Pauline was runnning. Hoping for a sub 60 minute time she finished in under 52 minutes with a 51:45 time. At least one of the family finished a race with a good time.

Last Week
After the weekend I added 4 morning pre-porridge runs to the regular evening runs to push my mileage a bit and what a week - 7 consecutive sessions in the rain!

88 miles 1300 feet

Next Week
We are marshalling on the LDWA 100 in Northumberland but we will manage to get some miles in from our checkpoint. I have new pair of Mudclaws to break in as my original pair are pretty nearly finished and so Saturday morning's run over Winter Hill should do that and if I continue the pre-porridge outings I should again hit high 80s next week.


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