Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday 5th May

Last week was really only the '100' and recovery from it. Monday was spent comatose from lack of sleep. My feet were still painful on Tuesday & Wedensday but by last night, once I got the tape off and punctured the large blisters on my heels things were much better. We got a number of things right on the '100', especially on the first day - eating and drinking regularly. Shoe choice was proabably impossible - road shoes were needed for the cushioning but wouldn't have been to good on the roughest ground (no-one else selected road shoes either). Not eating frequently enough was nearly our undoing on the second day but eating and drinking enough at the 85 mile CP provided a complete recovery and that shouldn't be forgotten.

Last Week
Miles: 105 Feet: 13800

Next Week
Long run over Winter Hill on Saturday before Belmont Winter Hill race which I shall enjoy as a spectator. BGR Leg 3 on Sunday. This marks a change in planning as it is an attempt to see if a schedule faster than 23 hours might be achievable. Until now I have always run legs with other people, primarily to learn the route and to improve my fitness, now I will start to pay much more attention to the schedule. I will also try a couple of morning runs to keep the mileage up.


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