Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday 2nd June

A weekend in Northumberland, marshalling on the LDWA 100, brought back some painfull memories as our checkpoint was the following my own nadir - it did allow us to see Ian Hill (first finished in 22 hours 20 minutes) looking pretty good as be set out to tackle the final 17 miles - what a performance!

My new Mudclaws performed admirably last weekend and while 'short distance thoroughbreds' might find them a little 'clumpy' they seem to offer more protection to toes and feet than the lighter, original version.

A reasonable mileage over the weekend plus pre-porridge runs brought 100 miles within reach by Thursday and so I missed the hill session (Up and around the Two Lads, perhaps - I think I recognised some familiar faces as I slogged up to the Trig Point) to get some extra miles to reach 102 for the week.

Last Week
102 miles 10360 feet

Next Week
A run round Leg 2, Honister to Wasdale, on Saturday with most the Leg 2 Team and something more local on Sunday with Pauline who, after her Manchester 10K success is looking for something more substantial and, at this stage, the Great Langdale Marathon is emerging as favourite. Next week will be easier than this not least because of Ennerdale at the end of it.

Support Teams
Essentially finalised, subject to injuries and the recovery from - as usual

Leg 1: Steve Jackson, Colin Rigby, Darren Kay, Alastair Murray
Leg 2: Rob Green, Suzanne Budgett, Steve Keynon, Brian Walton, Tony Hesketh
Leg 3: Colin Jones, Albert Sunter, Tony Varley, Stephen Barlow
Leg 4; Paul Murray, Brendan Bolland, Mary White, Mark Davies (to confirm)
Leg 5: John Swift, Ed Swift, Doug Fleming, Chris Heys (subject to ankle injury)

Big teams, I know, but last minute problems can and do occur and, for everyone else at least, it is a very enjoyable day on the fells and I am glad to be able to provide an excuse for that.

Roadside support is almost finalised and I should be able to complete the details next week.

Thanks to you all for your support and eccouragement and for your kind words about this blog - I don't think I ever expected anyone to read it but the comments confirm a far flung readership, including Brendan in Melbourne. Good on ya' mate.


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