Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday 9th June

Leg 2 Recce went well, almost perfectly, on a hot sunny afternoon. We were in Wasdale about 45 minutes ahead of schedule and although the pace wasn't distressing (for one leg on the day after a rest day) I don't think it would be sustainable for the whole route. Still have trouble eating and drinking enough although it is getting easier, now that the drinks are not so cold. The only problem last Saturday was during the descent from Yewbarrow when Suzanne went over on an ankle, same one as in February coming off Great Calva, but much worse this time. With over two hours running and climbing over Beck Head left to do to get back to Honister it was a pretty painful end to the day, for Suzanne.

Pauline & I managed a fairly gentle 10 miles or so over Winter Hill on Sunday but my legs were still tired. Planning for two days rest before Ennerdale and the start of a 'slow taper' thereafter means all my hard training is now at an end and it feels pretty strange.

Last Week
72 miles 12250 feet (in 5 days)

Next Week
Ennerdale on Saturday and on Sunday Pauline & I plan to do a 14 mile route over 14 of Wainwright's Outlyers between Eskdale & Dunnerdale - a quiet area we haven't visited before. The rest of the week will involve helping at a couple of races in the Horwich & Rivington Tour and perhaps another 30 miles without any significant climbing.

Apart from a few niggles, most of which have gone, my training has gone better than I could have hoped. I think I am fit enough, my support teams are strong and experienced enough, a few details about road crossings are still to be finalised but things seem to be coming together and I am looking forward to it.


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