Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday 14th July

Recovery is more prolonged than I imagined it would be so no more track or 'hills' sessions until my legs are recovered. Last Saturday I went to support another BGR attempt, to run Leg 4 on an A/C attempt but the aspirant was so late at Dunmail that it was abandoned. We ran back into Leg 3 to find them, up Steel Fell to Calf Crag and the climb really hurt. On Sunday Pauline and I did a steady 12 miles over Winter Hill and my legs were pretty weary afterwards. Monday and Wednesday I did a couple of steady road sessions with a run over the Pike and Winter Hill on Tuesday and by Thursday my legs were hinting that they might be recovering. Not wanting to spoil things I dug out my mountain bike and had a ride up to the Pike last night. After months of only running it was really enjoyable to get a bike out. Rest day today and my legs feel better than yesterday.

Last Week
47 Miles 1600 feet

Next Week
Couple of outings over Winter Hill at the weekend and try to get the mileage to around 70 but everything is going to depend on how I feel on Monday morning.

Second Attempt
August 12th with a 22 hour schedule, as before, but with a revised start time of midnight Friday night. The additional darkness of mid-August means a 08:00 start is less practical and a lot of conventional wisdom says it is better to get the darkness done early so midnight it is. Support teams are begining to take shape and I'm looking forward to it.

Detailed Schedule


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