Thursday, July 20, 2006

Friday 21st July

This week, for the first time, I feel the strength returning to my legs and begin to believe another attempt in August is a serious possibilty which is just as well since, with help from Colin Jones, I have my 5 navigators and some support runners identified. Until now recovery had been a matter of faith rather than a process supported by any evidence but last weekend's outings on Winter Hill went well. 16 miles and 3000 feet on Saturday followed by 21 miles and 3750 feet on Sunday and on Monday my legs were in better nick than they had been the previous week on half that distance and climbing. Three road sessions, including two on Tuesday, and another run over Winter Hill on Wednesday when I met 'Hopey' with a group of runners from Lostock at the Two Lads - good to meet you and thanks for the encouragement. I am pleased with this week's progress and am taking two rest days to ensure it continues.

Last Week
62 miles 9350 feet

Next Week
On Saturday Pauline and I are going over to the Dales to do a 50 mile LDWA event with about 6000 feet of climbing. Sunday will probably just be a short recovery run and if all is well I shouldn't have too much trouble getting to 70 miles before next weekend. The great temptation, that must be resisted, is to keep pushing hard to find out how completely my legs have recovered but with last week's progress I can relax about my rate of recovery and this week should just confirm everything is going well without the need to overdo things.


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