Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Leg 1: Moot Hall to Honister

Away on time at 08:00 and seemingly OK having drunk my first bottle of carbs while waiting at the Moot Hall. So far things have gone to plan, having had a good nights' sleep followed by usual breakfast of porridge with dried fruit and despite appearances a weather forecast that seems reasonable - isolated showers in a generally overcast day.

The road pace might be a little quick but it is good to be running and we are soon passing Newlands Church and heading up the valley. Despite having eaten more than two hours earlier I still feel bloated and can't eat a carb bar on the way up Robinson, as planned. Gaining the ridge takes us into clouds and the first of the 'isolated showers'. Waterproof jacket is donned here and will be worn for the rest of the attempt.

Descending from Robinson brings on a bout of retching and vomiting that help my digestive system a little but by now I feel so bad that I almost can't imagine continuing. Hindscarth passes in a blur and the climb up Dale Head brings a blast of diarrhea. I feel pretty dreadful now and reel with the prospect of all the training being wasted with a retirement at Honister. A poor line off Dale Head means a slow descent that costs a few minutes but we arrive at Honister just ahead of schedule.


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