Friday, July 07, 2006

Leg 5: Threlkeld to Keswick

A very short stop, foot massage, fresh shoes & socks, more rice pudding (I think) and we are off with 4 and a quarter hours left. Lots of reassurance that it is still do-able as we start to climb Halls Fell and despite tired legs and wet rock we make reasonable time, 2 minutes over schedule but back into the clag that is not going to help route finding.

Unable to find the top of Mungrisedale Common we are making slow progress around the end of it below the cloud base but Great Calva remains hidden even when the stream junction comes into site. Briefly the clouds blow away, Great Calva appears confirming our location as we head directly to the stream junction. Still climbing fairly well we reach Great Calva with not much time to spare, 2:06 behind schedule needing to make up, at least, 6 minutes over Skiddaw.

Reach Skiddaw summit about 1.5 minutes faster than the schedule and now nothing else matters, not even the time although I know I probably can't get to the Moot Hall before 08:00 it just has to be worth the effort. Keith, who had bivvied at Stocks Pass to provide a light to aim for, has walked up from Keswick to wait on Skiddaw summit (in really foul weather) to provide some fresh enthusiasm joins in the 'mad dash' for Keswick. Time slips away a little faster than the distance and the 24 hours is reached just at the edge of Keswick. I walk a bit in the park before resuming a trot to the Moot Hall to finish in 24:10 and it is time to start thinking about another attempt.


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