Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday 11th August

It is about six o'clock and the sun is bright on Winter Hill and the weather forecast is still looking pretty apart from some low cloud tonight but it is only a forecast. Almost time to start sorting kit and making butties. I haven't done much this week, just 20 miles with 2500 feet of climbing and Tuesday morning was the last time I was out - the rest of the time, it seems, was spent watching the weather forecast for tomorrow. I am probably more nervous at this stage than I was last time but, perhaps, I can get through it before setting off and be in better nick on the first leg. Better to go and get on with things and not have time to worry about tomorrow.

Support Treams
1 Tony Bland, Mark Seddon, Phil Dewhurst, Chris Heys
2 Rob Green, Doug Fleming, Chris Cripps, Alan Greenwood
3 Colin Jones, Alastair Murray, Phil Cheek, Annette Morris,
4 John Fleetwood, Paul Murray, Mary White, Steve Kenyon
5 Mark Davies, John Swift, Christine Bland
R Pauline, Ann Jones, Ed Swift, Keith Foster

Holidays, injuries and other commitments mean a number of changes and more than half the runners weren't on my June attempt.


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