Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday 4th August

Last Saturday's "Coope's Dozen" was run in almost perfect conditions, no breeze, no hot sunshine and the Pennine Peat bogs of WInter Hill are almost all dry and very runnable. Social 19 miles at an enjoyable pace even in the faster group and with two refreshment stops times are a but meaningless although perhaps I only suggest that because we enjoyed the cakes so much that we didn't get round in under 4 hours. Pauline and I had a trot round Kentmere Horseshoe on Sunday in fairly breezy conditions before going to watch the Red Arrows at the Windermere Air Show. Three outings on Winter Hill during the rest of the week to complete everything except the final week's eating and resting.

Last Week
65 miles 12700 feet

Next Week
Watch Borrowdale and do a few gentle miles over Winter Hill on Sunday and then just a few more gentle miles at the beginning of next week before next Friday's second attempt.

Support Teams are very nearly sorted although injuries have forced a couple of changes this week and may force further changes next week. Weather forecast looks decent - no rain, no hot sunshine and plenty of cloud cover. This is still 7 days away and so could change and the height of the cloud base is not yet available - anyway, as I saw the last time, you just have to try to cope with the weather whatever it does.


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